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Escentric Molecules was launched in rebellion of the commercialization of the perfume industry. The line of fragrances are the result of a minimalist approach to perfumery that emphasizes both art and science. After becoming increasingly frustrated with the commercialization of the industry the brand’s founder, Geza Schoen, left his position in a fragrance manufacturer to reconnect with the process of fragrance creation. Described as an “anti-fragrance fragrance brand” the scents of Escentric Molecules rely heavily on the use of Iso E Super, a synthetic fragrance subtly reminiscent of cedar wood and sandal wood. Despite having a relatively unimpressive scent independently, the attraction to Iso E Super is so widespread due to its supposed pheromonal qualities (pheremones being the chemicals secreted by the body that trigger a social response, the most famous of which being the sex pheromones). When combined with the wearer’s natural scent, Iso E Super is said to amplify and accentuate it into an irresistible combination.

Though commonly employed in low doses in soap, shampoo, detergent and fragrances alike, in Eccentric Molecules Iso E Super is the main component. “I realized that the common denominator in all the fragrances I like was that they contained a large dose of it,” explains Schoen on the company’s website. Despite utilizing the fragrance in unusually high percentages, the line became a hit and quickly developed a very strong cult following. Eccentric Molecules produces two lines that capitalize on the fragrance’s popularity. Eccentric fragrance, is a formula of multiple ingredients that balance and accentuate the light fragrance of Iso Super E. For example in Escentric 01 there is also pink pepper, green lime and balsamic notes. The second line is Escentric molecule, which, as the name denotes, is composed entirely of the Iso Super E fragrance molecule with no accompanying fragrances.

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