Zoom Honus Cap (MIVSIV) Black
Zoom Honus Cap (MIVSIV) Black
Zoom Honus Cap (MIVSIV) Black
Zoom Honus Cap (MIVSIV) Black
Zoom Honus Cap (MIVSIV) Black

Honus Cap (MIVSIV) Black

  • Six-panel wool-linen blend cap in Black
  • "MIVSIV" embroidery detail at front in White
  • Leather branded patch at straight brim 
  • Made in Japan
  • 62% wool, 32% linen



  • To avoid altering the shape or shrinkage, please do not wash this product 
  • Lightly clean dirt with a brush only when dry
  • To remove surface dirt, wipe gently with a damp cloth and hang to dry 
  • When this product becomes wet, colours may bleed or transfer
  • Avoid extended exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity as product may experience discolouration or degradation


The natural leather used on this garment has been specially treated to create a unique colour and texture to its appearance where each piece is unique and no one piece is alike. Please be aware there may be slight wrinkles and variation in colour and texture due to the process .

  • When the garment is wet please be aware that excessive rubbing or friction may cause the item to bleed onto other garments. Exercise caution when worn with lighter coloured garments
  • With repeated wear it is unavoidable that the leather parts may calcify or change colour
  • Avoid extended storage in extreme temperatures
  • If rubbed or scratched, it might lead to lacquer cracks or peeling off

The product was made when lacquer completely dried. On rare occasions, an itch or rash might happen when with sweat. Please stop using the project immediately and consult with a doctor. 


This product utilizes a very delicate fabric in order to emphasize its special texture. Please be aware of this fact when wearing this garment. 

  • Avoid intensive exercise or strenuous activity as this may cause the stitching to tear or the seams to rip