Matthew Miller uses each season as an opportunity to for his collection to provide a commentary on aspects of modern society. Miller's modus operandi always places a tremendous amount of emphasis on the wearer experience & our relationship to consumer products. Miller even forgoes showcasing his own name on his labels, instead labelling his products as a form of mixed media art.

Fall/Winter 2015 focuses around concepts of destruction & decay, the romance of the aspirational life which we chase in Western society, the utilization of fabrication that is usually reserved for interior product design products. Titled 'Resistant' and described from Miller as 'Uni-formal Chaos', fabrics are ripped, destructed, and re-appropriated in a way that provides a wide arrange of garments that are both classic and progressive.

Continuing his collaboration with Danish company Kvadrat, Miller applies their heavy, durable fabric to perfectly cut top-coats and denim jackets. Miller commissioned Novesta, pre-WWII brand from Slovakia, to apply the upholstery fabric to a pair of sneakers. Military appliqué products and zippers provide a masculine feel to products such as button-up shirting, oversized deconstructed tops, and tailored trousers.  The result is a collection that is thought-provoking, unpretentious, however remains wearable with the ability to translate to the modern wardrobe.