If there's a brand we carry that shouldn't need an introduction, this is it. One of streetwear's best-loved, most coveted brands, Supreme is the brainchild of English impresario James Jebbia. Jebbia opened the first Supreme shop in 1994—a simple skateshop on a then-sleepy Lafayette St. Soon, the shop had moved from hucking decks and trucks to designing clothing, and it would not take long for that familiar box logo to become a global icon. The label's lore has been built largely through high-profile collaborations with figures as varied as Kate Moss, Damien Hirst, and the Muppets. One never gets the sense that Supreme is chasing a trend—rather, it sets them, occupying a niche at the confluence of fashion, art, and sport. Ask anyone who's camped out overnight to cop a camp cap—that slanted Futura is undeniable. Nomad has carried Supreme since 2005, and is one of the only non-flagship shops worldwide the brand sells to.


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