While construction, fit, and the image they project are major factors in what brands we buy, the stories behind the clothing are every bit as important—they play a big role in determining brand allegiances. Few lines have as compelling a backstory as Paulrose Products. Paulrose was created in 1960 by Paul and Rose Svarc, grandparents of Naked & Famous founder Brandon Svarc. Paul recently passed away, and while cleaning out his office, Brandon's father discovered the original wood and die stamp used for Paulrose Products. Brandon took it as a sign, and re-launched the brand. Staying true to its roots, the 21st century edition of Paulrose deals in tough-as-nails workwear. The backbone of the brand are its jeans. Made from heavy, unsanforized Japanese denim, it comes in two cuts—Heritage, cut full and classic, and Slim, a contemporary, tapered fit. Both cuts are available in 17oz and 14.5oz, and are decked out with all the extras denim geeks have come to expect: hidden rivets, a thick, leather patch, and chainstitched hems. Like its sister brand Naked & Famous, Paulrose Products are made ethically in Canada.


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