What was your inspiration behind the collection?

We’re not a brand that’s seasonally thematic and we always draw inspiration from our experiences and core values. 

This collection was heavy on nostalgia and growth with silhouettes derived from our youth street culture and vintage sportswear. 

Material and construction manipulation techniques drawn from architecture and graphic designs that artistically communicate the story of our daily lives and principles played key roles in this collection.


What’s the WCROW Design philosophy?

Symphony of function and form.

Our brand philosophy is grounded by balance with the most important element being the marriage of function and form. After defining the problem, message and the need, function and form becomes the catalyst of our design process.

Through selection of materials, silhouettes and functional design, we make alterations to familiar garments that serve our current lives. Our goal is to make something that provides nostalgia and a sense of discovery at the same time and for people to have an emotional attachment to our clothing.






What ideologies do you hope to translate through your garments?


“The style is the man” is a saying in Japan meaning your style is your signature.

Our goal is to communicate timeless aesthetic through the garments we design. We believe that simplicity doesn’t have to be minimal and you can express individual style through well curated combinations of garments and colours without going overboard. Our aim is to use this platform to showcase this through our collections.





Launches at NOMAD on Sept 19th