Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough are the duo behind Abasi Rosborough. The duo established the label in 2013 and have just recently been nominated for a 2017 LVMH Prize. The two were schooled at FIT and after graduation went on to sharpen their skills at Ralph Lauren and Engineered Garments. The duo's output results in clothing that is consumed in the literal 'fashion' sense but their approach results in product that speaks more about the 'design'. Military and athletic inspired garments are designed with the modern day man in mind. Rosborough once witnessed a flight attendant struggle with placing a passenger's luggage in the overhead compartment and thought to himself 'How the hell are we living in the 21st century but have not designed clothes that allow us to raise our arms above our heads?'. That moment informs their design process. Efficiency of movement and function for purpose seem to be at the root of their designs. Subtle, almost invisible work that is deliberate and thoughtful, that is where the luxury of an Abasi Rosborough garments comes through.

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