THE GOODS | #017–FW15

Name: Taylor Hill
Occupation: Musician

Taylor walks into the backroom of the shop and sits down, he stands about 6’5" so even when seated he has presence. Before getting changed for the shoot he’s dressed, presumably, in primarily Saint Laurent. It’s a guess, but an educated one based off the numerous interviews where he’s listed the label as an unequivocal favourite. Though an unexpected choice for the now drummer of pop-rock band, Young Empires, Taylor Hill cites his time with Fritz Helder and The Phantoms as the first exposure to a band that prioritizes both fashion and music. A relationship that is also being honed in Young Empires, who have previously been affiliated with Handsome Clothing, Maison Kitsuné, Nylon TV and Dazed & Confused.

Prior to music Hill tried school a few different times for business, fashion design and PR, and while none were completed they did spark an interest in other creative disciplines. Most recently he has been getting into jewelry design, primarily silver rings that he molds in a friend’s studio downtown. He explains that he has contemplated turning the interest into a business but has never quite gotten around to it. “Every time I try to start something I get interrupted.” But with Young Empires just coming off a tour perhaps now is the right time. In addition to jewelry design he is also dabbling in furniture but, again, the interest is mainly self-serving. “I just make things that I want and can’t find.”

Despite these details and a steely appearance, Hill is admirably self-deprecating and approachable. And while certainly confident, in the transition between different schools, bands, genres and mediums developing an exaggerated ego would just get in the way. Looking forward, Hill is optimistic about the future of Young Empires. “I think we could do something really cool.” But we’ll be looking out for that jewelry line too.

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