THE GOODS | #015–FW15

Name: Greg Washington
Occupation: Creative Director at Huge Inc.

Greg Washington is a cyclical perfectionist. His life thus far has followed a repeated pattern of infiltrating a discipline, perfecting his role within it and then leaving. Absorbing skills, mindsets and workflows from each position as he transitions onto the next. It is a process that has developed his multidisciplinary toolkit, ranging from photography and graphic design to interests in fashion and architecture. Currently, he works as Creative Director at Huge Inc., a service-based digital design firm who’s Toronto office he helped open. But his insatiable desire to constantly learn and develop suggests he’ll probably evolve within that role too.

Washington has worked for some of the most prolific and innovative agencies to come out North America including Jam3, Academy and the recently disassembled Teehan + Lax. He stands tall with unwavering eye contact that is simultaneously charismatic and intimidating, likely derived from a confidence that existed far before he became an award-winning designer, or, perhaps, is part of the reason he got there. Pre-design days he was a ball player in Scarborough and it was athleticism, he explains, that helped him graduate high school, “It was right after a strike, so they awarded half-credits for sports”. That’s not to say he was bad student, but rather had a problem with authority. These days that attitude is more productively expressed in a healthy preference for boutique agencies that emphasize strong interpersonal relationships rather than top-down authority. As for his own leadership role he admits to having strong preferences, as all Creative Directors should, but tries to take a less domineering approach, “I try not to be a dick about it.”

As for plans for the future Washington mentions an interest in fashion that was inspired by his time spent working in Vancouver. Though it’s common knowledge that Van isn’t exactly a fashion hub, the abundance of West Coast nature goes hand in hand with a preference for a healthy, stripped down lifestyle. So, in another one of his transitions, as he left Vancouver he took that minimalist outlook with him and is now applying it his clothing in Toronto. Though don’t expect a drop date any time soon, this foray will likely be for personal use only.

Photos by Paolo Azarraga

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