Born in the maritimes, Brennan Moore first jumped around east and central Canada while touring with a punk rock band. After which, he decided with a friend to make a permanent move to Toronto a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the city. But it was only after quitting a uninspiring print job in the financial district that he decided to realize his passion for a more creative career path. Fast forward a year of research and development and Nomad is proud to welcome his label Brennan Michael to our roster of brands. The range of lifestyle goods includes candles, diffusers, incense, and rooms sprays all unique in their careful, small batch production and curious fragrance blends.

While driving up to his Bloor Street apartment, Moore explains that it was a combination of the stress of a job he wasn’t passionate about and a sparked interest in lifestyle goods - in particular, a Robert Geller White Musk candle purchased at Nomad - that compelled him to see if he could recreate the smell. He took to the internet, reading forums, “Grandma blogs are the best, those ladies really know their stuff,” researching wick density, essential oils, boiling temperatures, mixing temperatures and the like - and began testing, endlessly. During a development stage that lasted a full year he did crack, “I gave up. I took two months off,” but was reinvigorated by a pearl of wisdom found online, “She said, You guys are overthinking it! And she was right, I totally was overthinking it.” Channeling one part research and two parts intuition Moore picked up where he left off and finally hit that perfect wick density/melting temperature/scent trifecta that results in an effective “throw”, which is essentially how well the smell of a candle will permeate a space.

These days, Moore is still focused on accessible price point and ethical small batch production which includes, contrary to the photos, a much bigger vat on a much bigger stove in his kitchen, and, thanks to his print job, hand-assembled packaging and hand-braided wicks. Personal touches he appreciates but also would like to outsource as time and demand increases. Looking forward, Moore can see himself branching into personal scents, other lifestyle accessories and menswear.

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