THE GOODS | #012–FW15

Name: Angus MacDougall & Kerne Mayers
Occupation: Director of Product Development at Huge Inc., Flight Attendant with Air Canada - Co-Founders of Uncle Dickies

Kerne and Angus are a striking duo. Kerne Mayers is tall and extroverted, he claims he’s not good at talking yet proceeds to make lively conversation throughout the duration of our shoot. Angus MacDougall is shorter with bright blue eyes and perfectly kept hair, he chooses his words carefully, and comfortably takes long thoughtful pauses while answering questions. Separately they work with Air Canada and Huge Inc., respectively, and together they are founders of Uncle Dickies; a wildly popular underground deep house party that caters to a progressive music-oriented gay crowd.

In the two years since it’s inception, Uncle Dickies has grown to attract around 700 people in one night with a full blown multimedia experience. Showcasing notable DJs from deep house, techno and disco (with an emphasis on local Canadian talent) alongside unique multimedia artist collaborations that delve into the theme of each party. In celebration of their two year anniversary on November 23rd, Uncle Dickies 6 is taking a self-reflective stance, exploring themes of online self performance in gay culture and the underlying messages of insecurity that accompany this.

Though especially pertinent in today’s social media-focused society, this negotiation of online identity has been especially interesting to MacDougall since his time at the London School of Economics in 2005 where he completed a Masters of Science specializing in Media and Communication. As we shoot outside of his downtown condo he acknowledges the irony of this and elaborates; the theme for UD 6 is not posited to point fingers but to provoke a discussion within the gay community. Though seemingly ambitious goals for a night out MacDougall continues, “[Uncle Dickies] was never a party for the sake of a party.” Rather, he finds the reoccurring occasion as an opportunity for creative expression, to collaborate with a talented pool of friends and to produce the type of environment they would like to party in.

The latter of which is a focus for our conversation with Mayers, who explains that after moving to Toronto from Montreal, he found Toronto’s gay community to be severely lacking in the type of progressive music scene he had experienced elsewhere. So once MacDougall moved back to the city from London they decided to go and make it for themselves. Beyond creating a social night out, Mayers is also heavily invested in music. Moonlighting in producing soundtracks for fashion shows, restaurants and short films and, as such, is hyperaware of how sound will create a mood.

After this Saturday, Mayers and MacDougall will have 6 parties under their belt and the possibility for the expansion of Uncle Dickies beyond a night out is obvious and looming. The virile and provocative brand identity has amassed a catalogue of digital illustrations, largely from Toronto illustrator Mike Rinaldi, and an archive of multimedia work that is begging for a retrospective. But the duo are patient, waiting for the right time before interpreting Uncle Dickies in another setting. In the mean time, you can see him in all his glory at Uncle Dickie’s 6: #ThirstyQueens at the Black Eagle - arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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Kerne : 
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A.P.C. Lewis News Coat - $835.00
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Angus :
3.1 Phillip Lim Poplin Shirt Hem Tee - $225.00
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Robert Geller B3 Coat - $1305.00
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