THE GOODS | #010–FW15

Name: Jamie Webster
Occupation: Director/Co-Founder of Common Good, Creative Director of Majid Jordan 

Jamie Webster is hard to get ahold of. But perhaps that’s part of the allure. As we drive from one location to the next in a shoot that took three tries to coordinate, he recounts a backstory that would put most to shame. Crawling our way through traffic Webster explains how his career climbed from a degree at the joint York/Sheridan Design program to Co-Founder/Director at Common Good and Creative Director of Majid Jordan in a very fast upward trajectory. So, unsurprisingly, he’s got a lot on the go.

As the most visible member of the trio of Executive Directors heading up multimedia studio Common Good, it seems he has mastered the ability of appearing to be everywhere at once. Webster can regularly be found at fashion shows and gallery openings snapped amongst a crowd that seems to feed his interdisciplinary creativity. This interest in both the fashion and art world becomes especially noticeable in his work with Toronto-based music duo, Majid Jordan, whose singles “Her” and “Forever” convey the same graceful fluidity in visuals as they do in song.

As we shoot outside of Common Good’s offices Webster answers questions with a knowing smile. Exuding the same suspense that he creates in his videos by crafting responses in a way that provokes more questions. “I was in an underground fight club in the Cayman Islands,” a perfect example of an anecdote that he dropped quite casually into our conversation. When pressed he explained that it happened as a gap year in his studies - “I didn’t get the courses I wanted, ” - so he left. After a stint in the Caribbean, he also studied at the famed Bauhaus, which is where his interest for more innovative video production was fostered. Fast forward a few years and Webster meets Majid Al Maskati, one half of the music duo Majid Jordan, while the musician was watching soccer in The Dog & Bear, a Queen Street West bar that Webster also has a hand in. Recognizing the potential of their unique sound he joined the duo as Creative Director and has since helped to collaboratively mold their image and guide their visual identity as they embark on the upward trajectory of their careers.

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