THE GOODS | #009–FW15

Name: Luis Mora
Occupation: Photographer
Age: 27

In Toronto, the stereotypical brooding young creative is an easy archetype to fall into. As a facet of a city coming into its own, there is a frantic rush to do something and be someone in an effort to claim one’s space as the burgeoning city becomes a breeding ground of increasingly territorial creative collectives. However, this guarded stance is absent in Luis Mora, who’s candid and enthusiastic nature is instantly refreshing. As a photographer with a distinct and recognizable style, gritty black and white portraiture, it is clear he is secure in his craft and in himself. This attitude is pervasive throughout his portfolio as his subjects reflect this feeling of security in their honesty and candour; a testament to how Mora makes them feel. In an extension of this, Mora prefers to employ a monochromatic colour palette in an effort to remove the visual distraction of colour, allowing the subject to shine.

Mora was born in Columbia, but it was when he attended high school in Miami that he found photography by way a high school art teacher who noticed his less than proficient painting skills and guided him in a new direction, “I’m a photographer because I suck at painting. You can quote me on that.” And clearly the career move is paying off. Recently Mora’s unmistakable photography can be found popping up in art shows and installations, like the “In Black and White” group show currently in the foyer of the Drake Hotel in Toronto, as well as in magazines like his huge portrait series in the most recent issue of Archenemy, as well as features in Toronto Life, and Elle. To view his complete portfolio check out his website, 

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