THE GOODS | #008–FW15

Name: Chris Hammell
Occupation: Owner of Town Barber
Age: 33

Chris Hammell looks intimidating - emphasis on looks. His solid shoulders, bald head, and full sleeve and neck tattoos ornamenting the surface are really just that. While we shoot, Hammell, a surprisingly willing narrator, guides us through compassionate tales of his dogs, exciting recounts of past lives spent on tour with Good Charlotte and winding stories of the barber shop community. As the owner of Town Barber, his talkative and personable nature makes sense. Getting a haircut is tri-weekly ritual for most, and as such the barber shop functions as half purveyor of a service and half community centre. And in Hammell’s shop the community aspect is especially important, “I want people to feel comfortable. None of this cool-guy bulllshit.” Town Barber is comfortable and approachable with a cottage meets living room meets workshop vibe. The wood panelled walls and ceilings give warmth while the black tool boxes, American flag, and tattoo and skate paraphernalia allude to Hammell’s past.  

After living a decade of touring with bands like Good Charlotte and Alexisonfire, Hammell fell into barbering because he wanted something a bit steadier. A transition due in part to his plans to propose to his now fiancé, Danielle Gulic, who opened up bridal shop, Loversland, on Ossington in the fall of 2014. After his time at Crow’s Nest in Kensington Market, Chris went on to open various pop up shop versions of what would later become Town Barber. After stints on the back patio of Town Moto then in the back of Lost & Found, both businesses on the Ossington Strip, he found a storefront rental opportunity and opened the full-fledged Town Barber in January of this year, not coincidentally around the corner from his fiancé’s shop. Despite gaining considerable success in the 9 months since its opening Hammell remains humble as ever, “I’m a barber, I’m not cooler than anybody,” but it is this very attitude, pervasive throughout Town Barber, that has made the shop a neighbourhood favourite and will likely continue to do so. 

Town Barber is open seven days a week from 11-7, at 1114 Dundas St. West.

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