THE GOODS | #004–FW15

Name: Justin Escutin
Occupation: Designer of Daimyo
Age: 22

Justin Escutin talks with his hands behind his back as he winds through a thoughtful explanation of the Law of Attraction, a theory that suggests like energy attracts like energy, and the like. While we shoot he explains his personal style as “a cross between Engineered Garments and Lemaire,” – functional, comfortable yet refined and it reads like evidence for the theory. The rumpled EG vest hanging from his shoulders radiates in synergy with his stream of consciousness narration and the natural weathered backdrop of our shoot – functional, comfortable yet refined.

As Justin continues on to explain his own menswear line, Daimyo, it evokes a similar roster of adjectives. Soft colour palettes and utilitarian features on oversized silhouettes bring to mind a re-mastered hybridity of his major influences mentioned above. And his perspective on the functionality of clothing is made clear after he explains his plans to surf the west coast of North America and perhaps go back to study Marine Biology in university. The interconnectivity of an ecosystem is a metaphor that lends itself nicely to design in the 21st century, where finding inspiration is much like connecting the dots. For Justin this approach to design is intuitive, a testimony to the understanding of his role within a greater ecosystem. But at the end of the day, perhaps this is just another manifestation of the Law of Attraction – like attracts like, right?

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Engineered Garments C-1 Ripstop Vest - $390.00
Silent By Damir Doma Soria Sweater - $220.00
Silent By Damir Doma Pistis Pleated Pants - $425.00
Nike Sportswear Air Force Ones - $115.00