THE GOODS | #002–FW15

Name: Jimmy Prime
Occupation: Rapper 
Age: 23

We discussed The Raptors, “the block” and the nervous thrill of coming into your own while walking from one location to the next.

Though on his second shoot of the day (and one of many for this week), 23-year-old Jimmy Prime, also known as Jimmy Johnson, was relaxed in front of the camera; casually shifting from one familiar stance to the next while it seemed his mind was drifting elsewhere. With a new look, a new mixtape, and not to mention his first show in Toronto coming up, it would be definitely understandable. The show will be a big milestone for the new musician but Jimmy says there’s no nerves; “I’m more of a thrill seeker.” The anxiety and discomfort that could accompany the new experience are really just signs of redefinition and growth.

And regarding his new sound? He looked off to the side as his words rolled out on a tangent, an undertone of confidence cementing the explanation that followed. The new feel of Block Boy, his latest mixtape, is in a constant effort to improve and evolve his work to not better just himself as an artist, but to see that the moves he makes can motivate and better those around him – from his own block, to the city as a whole. “It’s all about helping the culture.” Big goals, sure, but it is the same feedback loop on a larger scale that has recently been propelling Toronto to worldwide recognition. Have you noticed that your international friends actually want to visit now? A strong community creates a strong culture, and vice versa. And with this in the back of his mind Jimmy Prime will have no trouble finding the same support as his music reaches across the country and across the world.

In the mean time, check out his upcoming show at The Hoxton, August 27th, tickets available at Nomad, $22

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