Launched in 2013, OAMC originated from the minds of menswear's elite to help build the gap between the old guard of classic workwear staples and the new guard of contemporary streetwear. Headed by Luke Meier, who spent eight years at the helm of the design team behind Supreme, OAMC continues to evolve while maintaining their foundation of utilizing the most modern forms of garment construction and emphasizing functionality.

Meier describes his design process as 'everything being considered, everything being researched'. Fall/Winter 2015, with first delivery now in-stores and coming to online soon, references the landscape and character of the mountainous 

Sagarmāthā Zone in Nepal. Consistent with past seasons, the collection contains staples such as tailored trousers, technical outerwear, and a selection of tees with graphics that are laser-cut and bonded, or embroidered. Garments are produced with thread-less finishing and many pieces containing welded overlays. The collection's reference points are not merely inspirational, with proceeds from our 'Change' tee being donated to the Sherpa Education Fund. Meier continues to design OAMC with the intent to offer silhouettes that are favoured by customers with craftsmanship and attention to detail they haven't been exposed to previously.

OAMC Fall/Winter 2015 is now available in-store and will be made available online shortly.