A former NOMAD employee with a background in fashion, Fran Miller has launched an extremely impressive collection of botanic, all natural, oil-based skincare products. We were honoured when NOMAD was asked to be her first official stockist. Fast forward to today, the line is now available in stores across the world. This isn’t your run of the mill organic product that was DIY’d in a home kitchen, and won’t be found at Whole Foods. We talked with Fran about how she’s redefining the idea of luxury and how simplicity is the future of skincare.


From an outsider perspective, the idea of developing a skincare line seems rather complex, how did you initially get the knowledge to develop your own products? Can you walk us through the process from finding/obtaining resources to actually developing product?

What’s interesting when it comes to all natural skincare is that you’re actually going back to the basics – using raw materials and organic, wildcrafted ingredients to find combinations that work for your skin type. F. MILLER began as a goal to develop a product that met my personal needs and one that I felt was missing from the market. Something highly effective that was completely free of harmful elements, effortless to use and that looked beautiful. I spent almost 2 years researching holistic skincare and experimenting with dozens of ingredients and combinations in order to achieve that all-purpose solution I was searching for. The face oil came first and from there I worked on adding a handful of streamlined products, all with the same key focus of oil-based hydration. When it comes to ingredients, I try to source as directly as possible so I know exactly what I’m getting, where it’s coming from and how it’s being produced. The ingredients in each product are specifically selected to cover all the bases and work for everyone. I’m lucky to have friends and family that let me use them as guinea pigs and a huge part of my process is testing different formulations on different skin and hair types to get the best result possible.  

There’s been a general shift in our culture that places more value on the customer being informed in terms of what they’re buying. Everything from our clothing, to our food, to skincare. Why do you personally feel it’s important to use natural products to treat your skin?

Most of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream. When the products we use contain chemicals and artificial ingredients, those toxins affect our entire immune system and can literally remain in our bodies for years, causing a number of issues. Plant-based skincare is a gentle, pure and effective way of getting results while actually doing something good for our bodies. 

Do you encounter any misconceptions about skincare now that you’ve been experienced in making the product from start to finish?

The biggest misconception out there currently is that oil is bad. We’ve been trained to buy “oil-free” products from a young age but plant based and essential oils are completely different than the mineral and petroleum based oils that are toxic and clog pores. Natural oils actually have major beneficial properties and play a big part in battling irritations and balancing skin. Another one that I encounter, especially from men interested in using our products, is that skincare is overwhelming and time consuming. You can literally do everything you need in under a minute if you have the right regimen. Less is more.

I imagine a lot of guys could benefit from using natural skincare products, but don’t even know where to start, in your opinion what would be a sort of ‘starter kit’ or routine that you would recommend to a guy whose never used any products before?

Guys have it pretty easy when it comes to skincare – cleansing and moisturizing is pretty much the answer to healthy skin. I think the thought of a “routine” is what’s off-putting. Keep it simple. I would recommend starting with the face oil and lip balm to cover the basics. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser morning and/or night and applying a few drops of face oil to damp skin right after is essentially all you need. It will tone, balance, hydrate and pack your skin full of the nutrients it needs and is probably lacking due to environment, stress, weather, etc. If you have a beard, you should never be without the beard oil – it conditions, softens and smells amazing. If you shave, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much of a closer shave and less irritation you’ll achieve with the shave oil. My packaging was designed to be functional and can easily be used for traveling, most people don’t realize you only need a few drops every usage. So a 1oz bottle lasts for months.

Do you have any plans to expand the line and introduce new products in the near future? 

Absolutely. The aim of F. MILLER is to be a highly edited collection of essentials. Products you actually use on a daily basis whether that’s skin care, hair care or lifestyle items. A body salve and oil-based cleanser are in the works and we’re currently collaborating with NEEDS&WANTS Studios on a limited run candle coming very soon that will be available at NOMAD.


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